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🚀 Here are my best finds for a Tech Smart Boss this week - Issue #159

November 23 · Issue #159 · View online
Tech Smart Boss
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Cool Tech of the Week
I talk about productivity all the time, no kidding, just look at the search term on the Tech Smart Boss blog. But the reality is, with all the task and project management tools in my tech stack, I still drag my feet and procrastinate to get things done. I’ve found a new tool and this week it’s the Cool Tech of the Week, Amazing Marvin.
Granted it’s a weird name, but don’t let that distract. I decided to give it a try and while it did take me longer than I felt it should to figure out how to use the actual software, once I did, I fell in a happy bliss with it (I’m not saying love yet).
Now part of the reason I struggled, I did what I always do, click around and try to figure it out. With Marvin, I had to watch some tutorial videos. Honestly, I still don’t have it all figured out, but what I was able to do is build a master list of all my projects, tasks, subtasks, apply priorities, generate a smart list to show me the important things and then easily build a daily-to do list for myself. And things I don’t get done, I can easily reschedule for the next day.
I still need to dig into Workflow Strategies, I have my eye on the one called Eisenhower, but I will need to watch some more videos to figure that out. In the meanwhile, using Marvin this week has been my most productive week of getting stuff done in a long time.
Check it out, our Cool Tech of the Week, Amazing Marvin!
Amazing Marvin
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