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🚀 Here are my best finds for a Tech Smart Boss this week - Issue #192

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Episode 72: 3 Key Things Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know About Their Business To Be Successful -
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Cool Tech of the Week
Automatic Transcription & Subtitle Generator - Happy Scribe
This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is a tool that makes it super simple to automatically add on-screen transcription to your videos and create subtitles in multiple translated languages. It’s true, I’m talking about Happy Scribe.
There are a lot of transcription tools popping up on the market, many free and low cost options like former Cool Tech of the Week, Descript and Otter. Those are nice, but I am really impressed with the ease and accuracy of Happy Scribe.
If you’ve listen to any of my podcasts or watched my videos, you can hear that I have a heavy twang to my dialect. I ran a test video through Happy Scribe and it was 99.9% correct on the first run.
The real power was how easy it was to customize, update things, and download the subtitle file (which I uploaded into YouTube as their auto generated file had lots of errors). And if I wanted to auto-translate the subtitles into a bunch of different languages, it was just a click.
Happy Scribe is a paid service, but within a Tech Smart Bosses budget. Check it out, Happy Scribe, our Cool Tech of the Week.
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