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🚀 Here are my best finds for a Tech Smart Boss this week - Issue #251

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Cool Tech of the Week
SQLBackupAndFTP - SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL Backups
This week’s Cool Tech of the Week falls in the category of not every Tech Smart Boss needs it. But if you do have production databases and you don’t have a backup and recovery process in place, I can’t recommend this tool enough, SQLBackupAndFTP.
I found myself on the wrong side of not having a good database backup recently, and believe me, you don’t want to experience that (especially when it involves a customer). In my case, I needed something that I could use to reliably and easily back up (and restore) a PostgreSQL database and to easily offload it from the server and store it in a secure cloud location.
SQLBackupAndFTP is one of the easiest, cost-effective, and most powerful ways that I have found to do it. There are GitHub code and basic scripting you can use to automate a backup, but for the price of SQLBackupAndFTP and the features they include, it’s just not worth the time to script (unless you have a lot).
In a split second, I had a database backup scheduled, a local copy maintained on the server, and an encrypted version stored in the cloud. Plus they have features to notify you via email of backup status, database status, and more.
Check it out, our Cool Tech of the Week, SQLBackupAndFTP.
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