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Here are my best finds for a Tech Smart Boss this week - Issue #4

Tech Smart Boss
There’s so much great info out there related to technology and business, how can you keep track of it?  Well that’s why we’re here, we shake out the good stuff from the noise. You’ll find some of the best articles below that can do two things, 1) make you smarter when it comes to technology and 2) give you actionable technology you can apply in your business to grow faster and better. Enjoy!

New Videos from Tech Smart Boss
We should have some videos to show you really soon. In the meanwhile we’ve been having a blast sharing fun things on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.How many can relate to always looking over your shoulder when things are going good to see when Murphy’s law might hit? Check out the graphic we shared this week.  Go out and follow, friend, share, and comment on the social networks please,  spread the word!
Top Articles of the Week
This is a great article here and a lot of wonderful tools that meet our #TechSmartBoss qualifictions.  1) easy 2) affordable (ideally free) and 3) helps your business grow!
We’re going to do some videos on Slack.  I use it for all our internal communication in my 5000fish business. The benefit is not eliminating internal emails (because it doesn’t) or saving time (because it doesn’t) but it really does drive stronger communication when you’re working remotely or with freelancers.
Speaking of Slack,  Microsoft jumped into the chat space.  So now we have Slack, Facebook Workplace, Microsoft Teams, Hipchat, and a few others.   Getting crowded….
Microsoft Teams, its new Slack rival, is launching today as part of Office 365
Don’t let this title mislead you,  you don’t need to have anything to do with SaaS, or be venture backed, or be a CTO to get something from this article.  Check it out and do your own business security audit.
The SaaS CTO Security Checklist
One more good article if you’re so inclined.  We’re big on taking online payments,  your customers want it and you get paid faster.  Here is a good primer on options.
 How to Accept Credit Card Payments Online: What Are Your Options?
Cool App of the Week
Any #TechSmartBoss has to pay very close attention to security, especially when we’re using so much cloud software.  LastPass made a big announcement this week, they open up multi-device password syncing between devices for free.  So you can have access to your passwords on desktop and mobile. This is key to having separate and secure passwords so they are our COOL APP OF THE WEEK this week. Congrats!
LastPass | Password Manager, Auto Form Filler, Random Password Generator & Secure Digital Wallet App
That's it for this edition
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