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🚀 Here are my best finds for a Tech Smart Boss this week - Issue #69

Tech Smart Boss
David Ferguson
What to make your product or service sound better, say it's based on or helps the user implement ”best practices” 👍🏼

Now, next you get a pitch around ”best practices” remember what I said above 🤔

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Cool Tech of the Week
Not everything a Tech Smart Boss uses is in the cloud, something you need to deploy an actual server to run and manage yourselves.  Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone, but many small and medium sized businesses have use cases where you need to deploy your own server stack and what I recommend is not getting into the hardware and datacenter business, but leveraging an Infrastructure and Platform as a Service (IaaS & PaaS) like Azure.
Azure makes it simple to deploy a server (of any type) for a quick test or a production deployment.  And you can increase size, storage, and features to support your need and decrease, delete, or even turn off the server when it’s not needed.  Plus they have databases, storage, and lots of other things you can connect and quickly deploy a solution.  I picked Azure over AWS for my company needs, but you’ll have to try both and see what works best for you.
Take a look at Azure as our Cool Tech of the Week, and it could be a cost saver for you for your internal needs but also for projects or contracts where you many need to host something for your customers.
Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform & Services
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