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🚀 Here are my best finds for a Tech Smart Boss this week - Issue #76

April 14 · Issue #76 · View online
Tech Smart Boss
David Ferguson
💡 Ideas are easy, it’s what you do with those ideas that make you an #entrepreneur
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Cool Tech of the Week
The Cool Tech of the Week is the website Dribbble.  I’ve mentioned Dribbble a few times on the podcast and the value to me, a Tech Smart Boss, is two fold.  
One to get inspiration and find examples of design styles that I like, so when I’m communicating to designers or coming up with ideas, I can point to specific examples.
And secondly, to hire amazing designers.  Dribbble as a platform let you place ads and reach out to their contributors so you can not just get inspiration, but get a great team member.
Check it out this week and get inspired to update your marketing/website/designs.
Dribbble is where designers get inspired and hired. - Dribbble
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